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How much do video production companies charge?

Are you thinking about hiring a production company to produce a commercial or video? You’re probably wondering how much they will charge. Production companies base their prices on several factors, including the scope of the project and the duration of filming. The more complicated or extensive your project is, the higher the price will be. It’s important to understand what goes into video production so you know what you are getting in too. Read on to learn more about the factors that affect production companies’ prices.


If you are looking for great quality with a reputable video production company these are generally what goes into creating their pricing.

1. Project Management 

2. Company Research

3. Demographic Research

4. Brain Storm and Concept Ideas

5. Script Writing 

6. On-Screen Talent 

7. Post-Production

8. Overhead Costs

9. Pricing Conclusion

Project management, coming up with a game plan
Project management

Project Management

Achieving success in project management, especially when it comes to video production, all depends on skilled professionals with experience and resources who are able to effectively manage all projects from pre-production through post. Of utmost importance is knowing how much the production company should charge—an issue that can be determined by vast amounts of factors such as complexity, duration, and talent. Proper project management requires a clear outlook for the budget of the entire production process which includes researching appropriate costs for necessary equipment and services so there will be no financial surprises down the line.

Company research, marketing, video
Company Research

Company Research

For any respectful video production company, knowing the type of industry their client is in will be the first step. You can’t create what you don’t know. If you are getting quotes from companies that are not asking what you do, it will be hard for the video to show that as well. The production company needs to understand your goals, objectives, target audience, and the message you want to be delivered. In order for them to create a successful video.

Researching competitors, magnifying glass, looking at people
Finding the right audience to target

Demographic Research

Corporate video production companies are experts in capturing an audience’s attention and producing engaging content. As part of the process of creating a compelling piece of work, demographic research plays an integral role. Corporate video production companies take the time to assess exactly what kind of target audience they are aiming to reach, in order to tailor their content accordingly. Demographic research ultimately offers greater accuracy in delivering tailored content for maximum return on investment and greater viewership engagement, making it well worth the cost for any corporate video production company.

Group of people brainstorming
Brain Storming

Brain Storm and Concept Ideas

Video production companies offer resources and know-how to bring creative ideas to life. Brainstorming and concept ideation is an important step in the video production process, as it helps to ensure that a successful story can be built around the client’s end goal. Good video production companies should take a collaborative approach, helping clients to narrow down their own concepts before shooting commences. Video production involves putting together a lot of pieces, so keeping track of ideas along the way will help streamline the process and make sure no details are overlooked. With workflow management services at the helm, you can be sure that your ideas will evolve into a powerful video that gets results.

Two men reading a script
Scripting reading

Script Writing

If you’re considering hiring a video production agency to write your script, there are several factors that affect the cost. Including the length and complexity of the script, as well as any revisions or additional writing required. Prices can vary among video production companies, so it is wise to shop around in order to get an idea of what a fair price range is and find an agency that best fits your budget without compromising quality!

Finding on Screen Talent

When it comes to finding the perfect talent for your production, a time-tested and trusted way to source the perfect actor or actress for the role is by working with a video production company. They have been in the business of helping producers and directors identify and engage on-screen talent that will add depth, richness, and authenticity to a project. By teaming up with a production company, you can be sure of finding top-tier talent. Additionally, production companies are usually open to negotiating rates so you can get the best results without breaking your marketing budget.

post-production, video editing
Video Editing


Video production is highly complicated and often requires a multitude of different steps to ensure success. Many production companies add post-production services to their video production packages. These added value services include video editing, color correction, audio arrangements, animation effects, and other additions that can create a video masterpiece. Post-production can make all the difference for video projects so it is important to factor in these charges when hiring a video production company. Although post-production may require an additional cost, it is worth investing in as this additional step makes all the difference between good and great visuals.

Different video-making equipment
Different video-making equipment.

Overhead Costs

Any corporate video production company worth it’s salt will focus on providing the highest quality service while staying within the customer’s budget. That being said, many don’t consider overhead costs when assessing the overall cost of a corporate video shoot. These overhead costs go beyond common expenses like camera rental and crew wages—they can include insurance, performance rights licenses, additional hard drives for data storage, grips, lighting equipment hire, and much more. When calculating your corporate video production budget, make sure to take these potential “hidden” costs into account so you don’t come up short on your deal with a corporate video production company.

Pricing Conclusion

Video production is a growing industry and it’s exciting to see the creative visuals coming out of it! However, the cost associated with getting these projects produced can be unknown. Everyone’s project will be different. With Blue Owl Studio video production company you expect to pay anywhere between $1,000 to $5,000 for a smaller scaled video. For your larger productions, you can expect $10,000+. Getting a quote is fast and easy! Fill out the form to let us know what you are trying to accomplish. It only takes a few seconds and one of our members from our client support team will reach out! If you would prefer to speak with someone click this link to schedule a call with one of our amazing team members!

Companies vary greatly on their pricing, and while some may offer cheaper rates due to smaller-scale productions, they might not necessarily have the same quality as larger established production companies. Ultimately, production companies should do extensive research into your business before committing to a project.