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Meet Ally Schlough

So, I put myself out there and…failed. I got a job at Sentri Force (a security camera company), saved up some money, and tried again, ready to conquer the world and start my grind! Eventually, I was given a chance with an HVAC company (Patriot Pros), where I could use my skills and learn on the job. I had my share of failures and successes through managing their media and ad campaigns. During this time, I took classes and studied to enhance my skills. But then I realized something…a “hack”. Not really a hack but a way to conquer this “marketing” thing! After 3 years of testing, retrying, and more testing, I cracked the code. I got the chance to build this structure for myself, and my clients and had great success! Now I want to share the CORRECT way to market because I know how it feels! You’re not alone! I’m excited to help you get to the next level. 

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I achieved remarkable results through digital marketing efforts. For instance, a successful Facebook ad campaign led to a substantial revenue increase of $14,104 within just two weeks, all while maintaining an ad spend of $300. I also took over a client’s social media accounts, and I was able to transform their engagement metrics dramatically and quickly! Elevating their post views from an average of 50 to an impressive 3,500 views per post in just two weeks. One of our recent posts even garnered an astonishing 12,000 views with robust engagement levels. Furthermore, our targeted ad campaigns generated 54 valuable leads over the course of a month. These tangible outcomes demonstrate my ability to deliver impactful results and drive meaningful growth to anyone who works with me.

Depends on the plan of action we go with, but the fastest I’ve seen results is 24 hrs! The longest was 2 months. But the longer you wait the longer it takes. Plant the seed now so you can reap the rewards quicker!

I’ve been actively involved in this field for 8 years, consistently honing my skills and expertise to deliver high-quality results for my clients and projects.

Hiring me brings a multitude of benefits to the table. With 8 years of expertise in the marketing industry, I offer a deep understanding of the challenges, unique to your needs. My proven track record includes increased traffic, and increased leads showcasing my ability to consistently deliver. I approach projects with a fresh and innovative perspective, constantly seeking new strategies. I also bring to the table storytelling expertise, crafting unique marketing campaigns that resonate with audiences and bring real results. I am results and goal-driven, with a focus on developing great game plans that align with your objectives and drive tangible outcomes. Collaboration is at the core of my work ethic. I prioritize open communication and work closely with clients to ensure that their goals and vision are not just met, but exceeded! You can rely on me to meet deadlines, maintain transparency, and provide consistent updates throughout our collaboration, building a relationship built on trust. 


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